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~Made by irenic_icons~

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how emo am I???


Just something I made while bored at work

Look I made two banners!!

I made the above banner on a banner maker site :D I'm quite proud of myself
I also made one for RBK - actually I will post it on here too...let me find it...

Make your own Banner here!

I'm reeeeally proud of this one - though the writing is pretty crappy in some parts
but I used my own background image :D - the annoying thing with the site is that
you have to be careful with the picture you use as it just takes whatever chunk out...
the position of the two band members in the picture I used meant that I could have them in it
I think it works...what do ya think?!

I might make a Jessicka one, if I can find a suitable pic for the background - I can't be arsed with 
faffing around and re-sizing/cropping etc as the uploader spazzes out!
Its quite a primative generator, but hey at least I got two half-decent banners out of it!!!

Okay I'm going now...Comments are Love people!
Tell me how purty/shite my arty-farty banners are

Lots of Love


HELP?! *&%$£@!&(*£"!!!!

A plea: MARA, do you have this song?! 
If you do...please could you burn it onto a disc for me as I can't find it to download ANYWHERE!! :D 
If not, I'll just Go out of my mind!!



To Remind you: Nerf Herder - Vivian 

Electronic drums and synthesizers
Angular haircuts and black eyeliner
We'll start a new wave band
And then I'll make you mine
You'll play the keyboards
And everything will be alright

We'll show the soc's
We'll show the jocks
We'll show the heshers
We can't be stopped

Come on Vivian
Put your glasses on
Yeah you've gone away to med school
And I'm goin' out of my mind

Flock of Seagulls really busted out
Haysi Fantayzee made all of the kids shout
We've got a microphone and its made out of plastic
We've got a show tonight, it's gonna be classic

We'll take on the world and MTV
We'll rock the Math clubChristmas party

Come on Vivian
Put your glasses on
Yeah you've gone away to med school
And I'm goin' out of my mind Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Put 'em on...Come on Vivian
Put your glasses on
Yeah you've gone away to med school
And I'm goin' out of my mindCome on Vivian
Put your glasses on
Yeah you've gone away to med school
And I'm goin' out of my mind

Dear Friends
Well, twice in a row! I am being a good little LJ girl! :D
Today I went to the villiage and bought two CDS:
Placebo: Meds
The Killers: Sam's Town
mucho bargains! I bought both for £9.00 and they were new...not pre-owned! :D
Had a very hunky bus driver...married though ~ I am seriously in need of some snoo...its been a while now...but I'm not going back to "Fuck Buddies" next time it will be special....I thought it was last time **sighs** but you get the drift!
No doubts, not just "Lust" - either that or my Rabbit will be seeing all the action! LMAO!

Last night I was lying in bed and I felt so sick! it was horrible! I had been playing KH2 and had just killed Hydra and watching cut scenes, when I thought "fuckit" and switched off...I must have left a piece of myself in the PS2 cuz I was feeling seasick til about 5am! Bloody liberties!!

urm...I don't have a lot more to write. My Nan phoned me earlier to say that my Uncle Steve and his Wife Claire had split up...I really can't say I'm surprised if I was to be honest, it's just a shame that there's a baby involved...I hope that Claire is treated better than my Mum was when I was born!
**sigh** I did like Claire ALOT, she was a laugh....I really dunno what went wrong there, but relationships are sometimes very different underneath the surface.

On that note, I am gonna make like Peter Pan and fly!
Love to you all

Nov. 13th, 2006

Helloo Children!
Well, seeing as I haven't updated for a fair while, I thought that I should make the effort every now and then to say hi!
So...My Birthday was fun - I spent it at home in my Pajamas watching the Little Mermaid and Kingdom Hearts2 :D
I got some shoes (3 pairs) a very sexxy bag, some perfume and some money (not forgetting that I have my Russell Brand ticket for March too!!)

Urm...The weekend was cool - went to see Oliver! at the Kings theatre. Mara came along cuz Lizzie was working - I enjoyed myself...we ended up eating Pizza in the rain waiting for Maras dad :P 
I swear she's gonna turn into a pizza one day!

Saturday I was supposed to be heading for the pub, but that didn't happen - people were busy, so I will re-arrange for when people are available to see me :)

Today I went to Cineworld at Chichester with Mum and Dave (her BF) we saw "Sixty Six" which was really good! quite funny and I didn't really notice the Football undertone....I was touched by it :D - I can't explain it! :P
I wanna see "Starter for 10" and "Holiday" now :D

Urm....That's about all I've been up to really - Playing KH trying to get to the Pirates level for Mara :D heehee! - Connie said that it was Lame, but I'm sure you'll find some fun in it...I've just battled the three-headed dog thing on Hercules level **LMAO** I'm so sad! I haven't played any today yet...will probably have a go before buhbyes :D

Ok my dears, will catch you later!

Loves ya!


BIRTHDAY GOODIES!!! weeeee!!!!

Ok I know its not TECHNICALLY my birthday until **Checks watch** 13 hours and 28 minutes (ok a little sooner now, cuz this is the post from myspace) but Mara was pestering me like a crazy person!
I was FORCED into opening my birthday present early, cuz you know she has these techniques...like threatening to return Mr Harmon and cutting off my NCIS supply - I can't go cold turkey dammit!!
SO.....There I was, doing the usual, slowly unwrapping the black tissue paper (as I usually do, reeeeally slowly) and there's this "styrofoam" (I dunno...best word for it) square in it...and I'm like "oh...thanks!"
and then I'm like **Oh I have to turn this thing around** (what can I say, I'm blonde!!!)
so..........what did I get you ask?
(I know Connie knows, and I'm sorry I'm not rubbing it in....much.....sorry)
i GOT A SiGNED PiCTURE OF jULiET LANDAU!!! (for all you lesser beings....DRUSiLLA FROM BUFFY )
and its all pretty and has my name on and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and everything eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, I'm done now **Breathes**
Lots of Love